Online scams on the rise


23 May 2013

ATO Media release 2013/09

Reports of e-mail scams to the ATO have tripled to almost 11,000 compared to the same quarter of last year.

Second Commissioner Geoff Leeper said the ATO is seeing an increase in the number of sophisticated e-mail and phone scams designed to trick people into giving away their personal details such as tax file numbers, banking and credit card details.

"Scammers can use your personal details to steal your identity and commit fraud such as taking out a bank loan or lodging fake tax returns in your name," Mr Leeper said.

"I urge people to be vigilant - be wary of unsolicited emails or phone calls claiming to be from the ATO."

"We will never send an email requesting you to confirm, update or disclose confidential details like your name, date of birth, address, passwords, or credit card details." 


Reports of e-mail scams

Q1 2013 (Jan - Mar)


Q4 2012 (Oct - Dec)


Q3 2012 (Jul - Sep)


Q2 2012 (Apr - Jun)


Q1 2012 (Jan - Mar)


Cyber security is an issue for everyone doing business online. The Government this week ran Cyber Security Awareness Week to promote online security.

If you think you may have been the victim of a scam, or that your identity has been stolen, contact the ATO immediately by phoning 1800 060 062 (8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday).


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